Lavender Home Spa Girt for Women

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ArioseMonde is committed to bring you intimate peace of mind and comfort. Break free from the shackles of the spirit, follow the secret of life, enjoying the passage of time,insiting on this, all  ArioseMonde bath products are using natural ingredients for a sumptuous bathing treat.  

Does choosing a gift give you a headache?  Do you feel frustrated when searching for Christmas, New Year, Valentine's day,Anniversary or Birthday gifts?  All of these bath gift set includes show gel , body lotion and bath bombs, and so on, these shower gifts are things that the female friends will  exactly need. And prepare everything possible is a good idea! This bath gift set would be perfect for your loved ones. 

Spa Set Included:

Bath gift set includes´╝Ü

-180ml shower gel 

-180ml bubble bath 

-50ml body butter 

-30ml bath oil 

-100g bath salt 

-100g bath bomb 

-120g bath soap

-loofah back scrubber  

- weave basket                                                    


  1. Fill your tub with desired amount of warm water, drop in the bath bomb & bath salt, adding some drops of llavender essential oil.

  2. Apply a thin layer of bath soap by massaging onto your entire body for 5-10 minutes.

  3. Squeeze a small amount of shower gel into the palm of your hand, massage it onto your skin.

  4. Finally hydrate your skin with the body lotion and oil.